Welcome Letter

Dear Parents & Carers,

On behalf of the whole team, I’m delighted to welcome you to the Ely and Caerau Integrated Children’s Centre Website. We look forward to working with you and your child during these vital early years and are committed to  providing the highest quality care and education. As an Integrated Children’s Centre, we work with a range of partners to offer services to families such as, Child Care (Day Care, After School Club and Holiday Club), Community Room groups for you and your babies / young children, Welsh and English medium Nursery Education and Adult Learning Opportunities.

There are many things that you can get involved with at the Centre, this prospectus gives you lots of information but please ask if you’re unsure about anything or would like further clarification. We truly value your input and want to work with you to secure the best possible outcomes for your child as well as providing you with opportunities to be nurtured, engage in learning opportunities, access information and get to know other parents.

I will be happy to show you around the Centre and talk to you about what we do here, just ask at reception and we can arrange a time.

We’d like you to feel relaxed and ‘at home’ so please don’t hesitate to voice your opinions, share successes or any concerns. My door is always open!

I look forward to getting to know you,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kathryn Leighfield

Acting Head of Centre