Inclusive Community

We are committed to Equal Opportunities for all at Ely and Caerau. We aim to be as inclusive a learning community as possible. We have a full Equality Policy available at the Centre.


We have a disability action plan in place which enables us to plan how we can make our building and community as accessible as possible. All children within the centre are given access to all the opportunities we have to offer. The centre has ramps, a special needs toilet (which includes full changing facilities and a hoist) and disabled toilets. There are two disabled parking spaces in the main car park.


Special Needs

Some children may have special educational needs that, if not recognised and supported, will affect their progress and emotional well-being. Through careful observation and assessment we aim to identify needs and intervene sensitively to provide appropriate support. In some cases we need to refer children to the Educational Psychologist who will visit the centre to offer advice, carry out an observation or assessment and speak to staff and parents.

Parents will be kept fully informed and will be invited to the Centre to discuss the situation.

Individual Plans are drawn up for all children with Special Needs and parents are actively involved in the process. They are also kept informed of the outcomes of these plans which are reviewed and updated at least once a term. On occasion, after careful observation and intervention, the Head or Deputy Head of Centre or Educational Psychologist might recommend that a child has particular needs that require a higher level of support or further investigation and/or assessment. We may then apply, with the parent’s consent, to the Education Authority for a full assessment. This may result in a ‘Statement of Special Educational Needs’ being drawn up detailing the full extent of need and the level of support required.

There is a Special Educational Needs Policy at the Centre for your information. The Deputy Head of Centre, Kathryn Leighfield, is the Special Needs Coordinator and the named Governor for this area is Susan Goddard.



We have different cultures, family arrangements and languages represented at the Centre. We aim to celebrate the diversity in our community at every opportunity. We invite parents in to share food and festivals with us and audit our resources carefully to ensure they are as representative as possible. We will use a translator for meetings with parents if deemed necessary. If you have any ideas about how we could make our centre more welcoming and inclusive, please let us know.