How to Register for an Early Years Education Place

To register your child for an Early Years place you can contact Cardiff County Council or contact your nearest Council Hub.  When completing these forms you can specify that you want your child to receive their Early Years Education place (please specify English or Welsh Medium).


You will be contacted during the Summer school holidays regarding a visit to complete the Nursery registration pack.  This visit will be an opportunity for your child to meet their teacher in familiar surroundings and for you both to ask any questions you may have about how Early Years Education is provided here at the Centre, how to help your child settle in to nursery, and you will be given a start date for Nursery.


How to register for primary school

The first day of Primary is an important landmark in any child´s life and parents are being reminded of the importance of registering their preferred school option with Cardiff Council.

Most parents will know the local schools in their area and which one they would like their child to attend, but will still need to complete and return the preference form.

There is a deadline for returning the preference forms for all applications to primary and secondary schools.  If parents do not submit their forms in time, their application will not be considered in the first round of applications.

Preference forms are available by: