Additional Educational Needs

All children within the nurseries, regardless of background or gender, are given free and equal access to all of the opportunities and experiences that the Children’s Centre has to offer. We value and respect the diversity of backgrounds and cultures that children have experienced and this is reflected in the activities within the nurseries.

All children’s development is monitored during their time at nursery and every effort is made to meet any additional needs that they may have. Any concerns will always be discussed with parents and if need be, further support may be sought from other professionals.

Additional Educational Needs

The Ely and Caerau Children´s Centre supports inclusion and treats children and adults as individuals.

Children with additional educational needs require different levels of support and may require specialist treatment, facilities or care whilst at the Centre. We aim to work with parents and external agencies to identify and address the needs of each child.

The Centre has been designed for access and use by all children. Where possible the Centre will aim to provide additional adaptations to the facilities as necessary on an individual basis.

All staff have regard for the SEN Code of Practice for Wales. A designated member of staff has responsibility for Additional Needs across the different sections of the Centre. This is to ensure continuity of care and to liaise with parents, staff and professionals from other agencies.

We do our utmost to support families as well as children, and aim to signpost parents to support groups in addition to any work that is carried out at the Centre. We have a sensory room that is available to families for children with additional needs and can be booked on an individual basis. Please speak to your health visitor in order to make a referral.